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Ragdoll Kittens PEI, Canada Traditional and Lynx Ragdolls Cats Available for Sale World Wide

Ragdoll Kittens PEI, Canada Available for Sale World Wide
Traditional Blue Ragdoll Snowflake as a Kitten
Ragdoll Kittens PEI, Canada Available for Sale World Wide
Ragdoll Kittens PEI, Canada Traditional and Lynx Ragdolls
Precious Luv Ragdoll Cattery is a small home based cattery, I raise beautiful lovable Ragdolls kittens for sale.  I ship across Canada.


As a Ragdoll breeder, I try to provide the healthiest, completely socialized, lovable, easy going Ragdolls.   My kittens are raised underfoot around children, dogs, and other cats.  This helps them to be ready for introduction to their forever homes easily. My breeding crew consists of Grand and Quad Champion Ragdolls.  
Hi my name is MaryAnne and I would like to welcome you to my site, I hope you enjoy it!  
After many years of loving cats, especially Ragdolls, I have decided now was the perfect time for me to start breeding the precious Ragdoll felines.  
One of the main reasons I have chosen this particular breed is because they are extremely gentle and loving cats, who are fabulous with children and other animals.  These beautiful cats are very calm and quiet, they will speak to you when you talk to them.  They are happy and loving fur babies. With their angelic faces and their beautiful markings who wouldn't fall in love with them!  
These cats are so trusting, they tend to have dog-like mannerisms such as; greeting you at the door and following you around the house. The Ragdolls are trainable to do tricks due to their high intelligence.  If you are a first-time cat owner, this breed would be a great choice. 
As with any pet, having two is always nicer for companionship to each other, especially when you are away working.  Ragdolls will usually always fit right in.  I have found that over the years, my Ragdolls adjust to new family members, whether it is a pet or child.  These cats are very gentle with infants, and their docile nature makes them very tolerant of children playing with them.  
All of our cherished pets get lots of love and attention.  Our home is a great set up for all the animals to have their space, to roam, run and have fun.  We are so happy with our new huge catio off our master bedroom.  The cats are loving it, it is closed in for the winter, the cats can still go outside, without our room getting cold.
Being a small breeder has so many more benefits than being a big breeder.  My kittens are confident, they climatize into their new homes as if they have been there forever.
Once the kittens have received their first vaccine, they will have the full range of the house, until then they are closed off with their moms, normally in our bedroom.  At night it is not surprising to find all the cats on our bed along with the dogs when they can. 
Kitten adoption is a major commitment, so I ask that all considerations are made prior to making the decision to purchase, as I do charge a non-refundable deposit for the kittens or retirees to be held. I will keep you updated on the progress of your kitten and also help you with any questions you may have for raising your kitten.  I have also provided many information links to help you with your cat questions.  
At times I may have available retiree felines for sale,  you can watch for them if you would prefer a mature cat. 
Kittens and adults will all be registered through ACFA, CCFA or TICA, I am registered with all three. I am also a listed breeder with Royal Canin.
"Why Ragdolls? Because everyone needs a bit of Ragdoll Cattitude!!!
We hope you enjoy my site and look forward to providing you with your very own Precious Luv companion!!
MaryAnne Clarke


I hope you enjoy your trip through our Beautiful P.E.I. Canada Ragdolls website! 



Ragdoll Kittens PEI, Canada Traditional and Lynx Ragdolls
MaryAnne with Shena, Jasmine and traditional Seal Point Mitted Precious

2014 ACFA, TICA, CCFA and  Chickadee Cat Club Registered Precious Luv.

Why?  Because everyone needs a little CATTITUDE!

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