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Precious Luv Ragdolls 

Traditional Ragdoll Kittens and Lynx Ragdolls
Blue Point Lynx Radgoll
Traditional Seal Bi-Color Sabrina of Precious Luv

The Ragdolls were first bred in Riverside California by a lady named Ann Baker, in the 1960's by using her domestic long haired white female Josephine who had the concealed genes of either a seal mitted or black tuxedo patterns.  She then bred Josephine to various longhaired cats from around the neighborhood to get the colors she wanted. 


She also chose only the cats with the most gentle, docile personalities who were large in size, with long beautiful Himalayan patterns and points of color as seen on Siamese cats.  These resulted in the cats she named Ragdolls for their ways of flopping happily when held in your arms when picked up. Persians, Birmans, and Burmese were later used to contribute to the Ragdolls development.


The Ragdolls were fully recognized in 2000 yet started to be registered by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1993.  They are registered by the American Cat Fancier Association and International Cat Association. 


Ragdolls are known for loving people, love to lie on their backs for tummy rubs and will greet you at the door like a dog.  They are classified as the Dog of the Cat World.  They can also be trained to fetch like a dog and to do various tricks.  They even will follow you around the house like a dog.


They are fabulous companion cats and great for first-time cat owners and seniors. They are also great for people who have other pets because of their calm demeanors.


The Ragdolls are medium to large cats, females weighing from 7 to 12 pounds and males from 10 to 25+ pounds.  The cats will go through several growth spurts until the age of 4 years old. They are large boned, solid powerful cats. 


They are docile, lovable, friendly, dog-like, giants, with above average intelligence.   They are fast learners.  They are known for their great manners and gentleness with children.  


The Ragdoll's fur feels like silken wool, soft like a rabbit, needing little maintenance; however, they need and love to be brushed as they do shed and this helps keep it to a minimum. They do have a little undercoat which doesn't mat, however, to keep their coat looking good they should be brushed regularly.


They are also color pointed meaning that their face, tails, ears, and legs are darker than their bodies. Color points could be Seal, Blues, Lilacs, Cream, Lynx, and mink which are rare.


These cats have low health issues, yet heart problems can be an issue along with sensitive stomachs. There are more worries now days with viruses then genetic issues.  Vets offices; as clean as they try to keep them, have a lot of viruses going through the rooms, leaving contaminated hair behind from sick animals and contributing to healthy animals getting viruses.  Pull out the garbage can from where it is, the next time your at the vet, you will understand what I mean.


These are quiet and playful cats, yet calm enough for children to play with. Since these cats are so friendly and docile, it is not advised to let them outside, without complete supervision, as they will not defend themselves and would be susceptible to predators. 


Building these cats a catio, will make them feel like they are in heaven.   Who doesn't like to be outside in the fresh air.  You don't like old stale air, neither do they.  Everything needs the fresh air, an open window will help, however, there is nothing like being able to be outside.  Catios are great for letting them have the fresh air, and feel like they are outside, with the protection they need.


Ragdoll cats are also listed as being one of the top 10 family cats, and with their angelic looks and beautiful temperaments, it is hard not to love them.  They are addicting!


2014 ACFA, TICA, CCFA and Chickadee Cat Club Registered Precious Luv.

Why?  Because everyone needs a little CATTITUDE!

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