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Precious Luv Ragdoll Queens

Precious Luv Ragdolls
Precious Luv Ragdolls

 Precious Luv Zolene's Zoey

Beautiful Blue Point Mitted Lynx Zoey is a beautiful sweet loving girl!  She loves attention, she purrs non stop.  She is an amazing young girl. Zoey we hope she will provide us with many beautiful kittens like her mother Zolene - Now retire, enjoying her pet life as my cat-dog. We look forward to all her future kittens!

Precious Luv Isabelle

Seal Mitted Split Face Tortie Lynx Isabelle, we are blessed with this beautiful Ragdoll by Mya and Cappucino, who can bring us so many various colors of kittens.  We are so happy with this amazing girl.  We are very lucky to have this fabulous girl.  

Siara of Precious Luv

This Beautiful Blue Point Traditional Ragdoll is new to Precious Luv.  With her amazing Blue Eyes, she should bring in the depth of the color to out kittens eyes.  She is a quiet loving girl, we are so happy to have her.  I look forward to her kittens to come.

2014 ACFA, TICA, CCFA and Chickadee Cat Club Registered Precious Luv.

Why?  Because everyone needs a little CATTITUDE!

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